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9th Generation

Handmade Jewelry


9th Generation is a brand built from hard work, passion and perseverance. Being born and raised on St. Croix, a small island in the Caribbean, gave me a unique perspective on life, its joys, and lessons. Jewelry and adornment are an integral part of our culture and my fondness for metals was undoubtingly fueled by the richness of my ancestral history.

I am a 9th Generation Crucian. My lineage can be traced back to a strong woman who survived the transatlantic slave trade and life as an enslaved woman. Her name was Kwasiba. Between me and her are a line of men and women who withstood immense hardship so that I can stand here today, Free to create and share my vision with you. 


The foundation of 9th Generation is a love of art, a respect for my ancestral journey, an appreciation for my home that feeds an infinite amount of inspiration, and an honor to be doing what I love.


 I hope you sense the positive energy that goes into each creation. 

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